How to join DinarDirham, a step by step guid

In case you didn’t see it, we created an infographic on this topic entitled “All You Need To Know About DinarDirham”, please see that at your leisure. We wanted to create a short, step by step guide in writing to those who are new to the company and would like to get started. But first, a quick run down of the products DinarDirham has to offer, and what they are. Products: –DinarCoin (DNC): is DinarDirham’s gold-backed digital currency (aka cryptocurrency) on the Ethereum blockchain. Because they are linked directly to an actual set amount of gold (ea one worth 4.25 grams of physical gold), they’re value is directly linked to the worldwide gold spot price. –Gold Smart Contract (GSC): is an Ethereum Smart Contract on the Ethereum blockchain which denotes ownership of physical gold bullion which is stored in our liquidity provider’s vaults. Exchange your DinarCoins for Gold Smart Contracts, and you can use your GSC to buy physical gold at select locations, as well as USD and o…

DinarDirham VS. e-Gold! On gold backed digital currencies

We’ve been asked these questions before and thought we’d answer them head on… what is the difference between DinarDirham and E-Gold? Is DinarDirham doomed to the same fate? Let’s talk about that: So, the short answer to both of these questions IS: no. But of course you’ll want an explanation, which we’ll try to make as clear as possible in this post. But first, before we do that, let’s discuss what e-Gold was, what DinarDirham is, and after that, give our conclusion at the end; Making it as clear as the skies above on a non-cloudy day (and preferably away from any sources of smog or smoke). What Was E-Gold and How Did It Work?
Let’s not forget that the entire idea of digital assets is relatively new, as is the advent of the internet itself. Ideas are still being tried and created, some fail and some succeed. Others learn from the failures of others, and take actions to avoid the same mistakes, new technologies arise that allow others to take additional precautions that can even eliminate …

Pelan Pendapatan (Income Plan)

KEFAHAMAN AWAL!!! Pendapatan yang digelar HIBAH ini perlu dibaca dengan teliti kerana ia melibatkan istilah HADIAH. Yang sebenarnya bukan HADIAH tetapi hasil MINTING atas penciptaan token baru Dinarcoin Kripto atau (DNC). Hanya dengan gabungan FINTECH dan BLOCKCHAIN saja mampu dapatkan token DNC tersebut. Ilmu proses Minting untuk melahirkan 0.1DNC pada setiap 1Dinar itu penting dan proses BURNING  iaitu mematikan Dinar Kripto (DNC) di dunia alam nyata mesti ada. Jadi jika anda terjumpa satu program yang hanya laku dikalangan members saja, itu bukan bisnes dari Pertubuhan Crypto Republic. PENTINGnya ilmu ini kerana jika anda masih bermain dengan program MLM yang ber platform kan MONEY GAME minda kita asyik memikirkan peratus %, ROI, Pakej2, Pangkat dan lain2. Di Dinar Dirham anda cuma kena faham cara MENYIMPAN, Apa itu Blockchain dan Fintech, Minting dan Burning yang ada dalam BLOG ini!! Pada awalnya untuk menjadi ahli menyimpan dalam Dinar Dirham anda harus membeli Dinarcoin (DNC) den…